The Reason You Need Great Realtor

Whether you are a homeowner who has decided to sell your house, or a potential buyer, who seeks the best situation, etc, one of the first steps you should take is to consider your true goals, and find the right real estate agent, for you! Notice, I have written, for you, because this is not, a one – size – fits – all, situation. What type of person do you seek for your agent, and which assets and attributes, do you consider most important and/ or essential (for you)? Once you’ve made this decision, interview potential agents, and select one you consider to be STRONG, in terms of a combination of characteristics, prioritizing those you deem most essential.

1. Systems; solutions; serene: How important is the individual’s emotional composure, etc, in terms of the degree of behaving in a calm, and calming manner? Will the agent clearly explain the systems he will use, and how they will help you and your situation? Do the solutions and approaches, make sense to you, and will you feel comfortable with, and confident in, the individual?

2. Trustworthy; timely: Do you feel confident in someone? How much trust do you have in them? Why do you feel that way? What is most important to you – the results themselves (only), or the path travelled? How timely will your potential agent be, to addressing your concerns, fears, needs, priorities, and questions?

3. Reasoning; responsive: Listen carefully, and decide if someone’s reasoning aligns with yours, and whether, it makes you feel comfortable and confident! How responsive is the agent, to your personal anxieties, concerns, questions, etc?

4. Options; opportunities: We all hope for an easy, stress – free experience, but it is not unusual, for some stresses, strains, obstacles and challenges, to present themselves! Can your agent think, and react on his feet, in a seamless, prepared way? Does he considers the options, and have contingency plans (also known as Plan B)? Can he recognize opportunities, and even, more important, is he capable of creating the best opportunity? Can he take lemons, and make them into lemonade?

5. Needs; nuances: Every house, and nearly every real estate situation, has certain specific, unique attributes or circumstances. Will the agent you choose, be able to best serve your needs, and recognize the best way to market for you?

6. Generate goodwill; growth: Quality agents must maintain cordial relationships with others. After all, a real estate agent, often deals with others, especially, in a Multiple Listing situation. Seek someone who generates goodwill, while constantly seeking to improve, get better, and grow!

Doesn’t it make sense to use a STRONG real estate agent? Opt for someone who will make the experience as stress – free, and successful, as possible!

Find the Most Reliable Estate Agents For You

Whether you’re buying, selling or renting a property, dealing with estate agents ought to be a seamless process. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and communicating with these companies can quickly become a nightmare if you haven’t done your research and found one you can trust.

So, how can you make sure you don’t fall into this trap? Firstly, it’s important to utilise the internet by reading through previous client reviews. These days, there are a range of review sites for estate agents, in which tenants, homeowners and landlords can rate their experiences and recommend the best services to other users.

Be aware of sponsored posts, as these can often be misleading. If one company or individual has been paid to endorse another, you can never be quite sure whether or not their account is genuine – so it’s best to stick to sites displaying honest customer feedback, and avoid those companies who have received multiple negative reviews.

Once you have made a shortlist, it’s time to visit each company’s site one by one and get a feel for what they can offer. Make a note of any accreditations or schemes they may belong to, such as the Property Ombudsman or Deposit Protection schemes, as these will ensure that your rights remain protected.

You’ll also want to gain an idea of their experience and knowledge of the industry, so it’s a good idea to comb their website for details. Be sure to find an agency that has been running for at least a few years so you know they’re the best people to advise you about the property market.

Whilst you’re on the website, it’s a good idea to read their terms and conditions thoroughly. Of course, this information will vary according to the services you’re looking to enlist, as well as the property you are hoping to rent, buy or sell. If in doubt, why not pick up the phone or e-mail the team and enquire about the process?

If you’re looking to sell your home, communication is key. It’s a good idea to find a company who advertise round-the-clock communication, as this will provide additional peace of mind. Once you’ve found an agent you can trust, you should be able to leave all the hard work to them, whilst remaining firmly in the loop about any developments.

If you’re hoping to rent, be aware that rental applications can sometimes catch people out, so you’ll want to find an estate agency that offer full transparency as to their costs. Some companies will charge extortionate fees, most of which are hidden, so make sure you’re aware of all your financial obligations before you sign anything.

When it comes to your security deposit, you’ll also want to find out whether or not it is refundable if something happens during the letting process. Most of the time, if a landlord pulls out, you will get your deposit back in full, whereas, if the application isn’t approved due to unsatisfactory references, you won’t get it back. It’s best to check this prior to payment.

If you’re a landlord looking to rent your property, you’ll want to verify the credentials of the estate agency you decide to use. Make sure they belong to your local Landlord Accreditation Scheme, so you can rest assured that your rights will be protected at all times.

An experienced estate agency should be able to manage all areas of your property, including rental payments, upkeep, advertising and tenant vetting, so it is well worth using one. You will just need to ensure that your chosen company has plenty of experience in the rental market, and knows how to deal with both landlords and tenants professionally.

Common Mistakes Realtor Do

The real estate industry is one of the most vibrant industries in the world. As a Realtor, it is imperative to understand how this industry functions to succeed. Here are four common mistakes that should be avoided to succeed in the industry.

1. Not Following-up on Prospects

The decision to purchase a property can be a daunting task to most buyers. Sometimes they need a little motivation to seal the deal. The customer needs to know that they are making the right decision before spending their hard-earned savings on a particular house. Therefore, failing to follow-up on prospects reduces the chances of an agent sealing a deal.

2. Focusing Too Much on Past Bad Experiences

There will always be sales that do not succeed, but a negative experience should not discourage a Realtor. Agents should use these situations as learning opportunities. The sooner one understands and learns why a sale did not succeed, the sooner one can move on to the next deal.

3. Having a Mindset That the Industry is Too Hard

The first thing to note is that there is no such thing as a simple business to run. The simple business ideas often turn out to be the most profitable by the entrepreneurs who invest a lot of time and effort to ensure that they succeed. Having a mindset that the industry is too hard can hinder many people from achieving their goals and objectives. During the initial stages, one might make mistakes and end up experiencing losses, but that does not mean that the market is too complex. If an individual feels like giving up, the wisest thing to do is seek guidance from those in the market. More importantly, re-evaluate the current situation and look for ideas on what could be done to resolve it.

4. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Setting goals is one of the sure-fire ways of steering any venture in the right direction. That said, the goals need to be realistic and attainable. Unrealistic targets and expectations can derail an agent when they fail to attain them. The bottom line is; a Realtor should carefully analyze the industry when setting the goals and come up with a plan on how to accomplish them.

Finally, most brokers associate the word “no” with rejection. No matter what, the real estate industry is a numbers game. To succeed in this business, you’ll need to master the art of sales, and avoiding these common four mistakes will be a good start.

The Reason Why Buyers and Sellers Need Realtor

Whether you are considering buying, or selling a home, one of your first, and often, most important decisions, is selecting the best agent, to represent you. Buyers can either use an agent, as a Buyer Representative (or Buyer’s Agent), while homeowners will create a relationship, with a Listing Agent. The first decision is to avoid, what is often the trap, of trying to go – it – alone, and attempt to sell, as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner). While you can do so, remember, you are not a real estate professional, do not possess the many resources and networks, and statistically, will generally have less luck/ success. While a homeowner might believe he will save on commissions by trying to sell it by himself, in most instances, buyers have few, if any benefits, from not using the services of a real estate agent. A REALTOR (R) belongs to the National Association of Realtors, as well as his state and local associations, which insist upon a higher Code of Ethics, and provide Multiple Listing Services, which create far more exposure to your property.

1. Real estate professional; reasonable: Seek an agent who exhibits the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and ethics. Listen carefully to the ideas, and ask yourself if it is a reasonable approach.

2. Experience; ethics: Realtors emphasize experience and expertise, and the associations, generally provide an opportunity for agents, to network productively, share ideas, and become better! Ethics must be far more than mere rhetoric, and sometimes requires some teeth, and the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors, clearly spells – out, what is, or is not, ethical!

3. Agency; attention: Every potential buyer must be informed, upfront, who the agent represents. Is he a Buyers or Sellers Agent? While both should provide honorable, legal, ethical service, a Buyers Agent will pay more attention to the buyer, because he has a client relationship, with him!

4. Listen; learn: Real estate, and individual markets are constantly changing, and/ or evolving. An experienced agent will listen to his client/ customer, and learn the needs, goals, and capabilities (financially), so as to be able to make the best recommendations. While individual states often regulate Continuing Education, Realtors have access to all the courses and facilities of the national, state and local organizations.

5. Timely; taxes; themes; technology: What impact might real estate taxes have on the saleability of a particular house? Can they be grieved? Does the agent do things in a timely, well – considered manner? It’s no longer your Mama’s Real Estate Business, which means, seek an agent who is tech – savvy, and uses technologies, to best serve your needs. Realtors are exposed to the latest and greatest technologies, on a constant basis!

6. Options; organized: Doesn’t it make sense, to keep your maximum number of options, open and available? Wouldn’t you prefer using someone, who is prepared, ready and organized?

7. Reality/ real world; representation; real estate: Seek agents who will focus their representation on you, and your best interests, using the best techniques, contacts, etc, to get the job done! Real estate, and the transactions needed, are often complicated and/ or confusing to the lay – man, and thus, use a Realtor, who has a firm grip on reality, and the real world!

The objective of most homeowners is to sell their home at the best possible, available price, in the shortest period of time, and with a minimum of hassle! Buyers want to find a home which meets their needs, that they would enjoy living in, and they can afford. Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of the services of a REALTOR, to help you reach your goals?